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Hybrids Yield Well Despite Low Mositure Conditions

Leoti, Kansas: In an area where dryland and limited-irrigation corn rules, Brian Bauck of Circle B Farms and Mill B Farms has one great tool to optimize the region’s limited available water and still produce outstanding corn yields. His secret – Golden Harvest® hybrid G07B39-3111A brand.

The water-optimized Agrisure Artesian® hybrid with the Agrisure Viptera® 3111 trait stack contains strong genetics to give growers season-long drought protection and more consistent yields across the farm. It also provides excellent above- and below-ground insect control.

Bauck planted this hybrid in conjunction with a limited-irrigation program, applying six inches of water prior to planting to help restore soil moisture levels. Because Artesian™ hybrids optimize the use of available water and soil moisture, no additional irrigation was needed throughout the remainder of the season, and the hybrid delivered yields between 150 to 160 bushels per acre.